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Following the popular and successful refurbishment of North Hall the management committee have identified several projects to enhance the environment and combat some of the worst effects of the flooding from run-off water.

1. Footpath – this has now been raised and straightened to provide an all-weather pedestrian route to the hall. It will also alleviate flooding of the adjacent properties.
2. Flood control – following a rigorous hydrology survey, it has been concluded that there is no benefit to be gained from the proposed damming of the Loxwood Stream. However, the aim is to enhance the flow of water way from the village, to the south. This is now being pursued by the Parish Council.
3. Improve car parking facilities.
4. Increase storage facilities to account for the steady increase in use of the hall by regular clubs as well as weekend transients (weddings, campers, brownies, village fete, beer & music festival) and occasional social events run by the management
5. We are actively looking at ways to improve the vehicular access to the site.
6. Improvements are planned for the men’s toilet.
7. We plan to get an internet connection, with Wi-Fi, to the hall.
8. Acquisition of an AV system is also on our list.